Cat in Tornado. Samuel's first art collaboration with Mama. February 2013

Untitled (for the moment). Pencil on paper. March 2013

Untitled 2. Experimental mixed media work that explores the relationship of lines and dots with words that belong to the semantic fields of family and everyday life, in contrast with printed straight lines of notebook paper. March 2013

Samu in the woods, pencil on paper

Cow at the Museum of Contemporary Arts
(Date: October 8th 2013)


(Date: March 15th 2014)

Note of the author (Mama):

Samuel Quiroga Chand was born on Jan 31st 2012 in a small country side town called Acquapendente, in Italy. He spent his first 7 months of life in a numerous multilingual family of artists, of which: illustrator mama, keyboardist and composer papa, puppeteer grandpas, literature junkie and aspiring hermit uncle, painter great-grandpa, ceramist great-grandma, fine artist great-aunt, and a dog named Batman.

We, the parents, can't tell precisely how this chaotic richness of stimuli had influenced and will influence the development of Samuel, who recently accomplished the 14th month of life on Earth, but it is to say that he has always demonstrated to be very kin to music and sound, more than to graphics, though he developed a deep passion for his illustrated books (see this post) and, as demonstrated above, he is starting to enjoy the making of shapes and lines (and holes in paper).

It is not to omit, that Samuel is currently living in a language-rich environment, being always spoken at in Italian from his mama and in Spanish from his papa, being English the common language of the parents and German the language of the outer world.

Where this will lead, we also ignore, but it is our pleasure of parents to acknowledge in Samuel aka Samurai, a great communicative power that makes use of his own unique gestures, sounds and syllables, which are so effective that don't need to relate to any of the four languages he listens at (yet).

-April 3rd 2013-

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  1. This is fun Bea. Sure Samuel will be a very very talented and artistic boy.